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We are all Spiritual-Conscious Beings struggling with our Human Experience.

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If you aren't breathing, you are working too hard or thinking too much...BREATHE!

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Breathing...It's the hardest easy thing we do, lol.

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RossC Yoga


RossC (pron. Rossy) - Chaordic Catalytic Curious Creature.

Ross is a student and scholar of Yoga. He loves introducing the practices of yoga to any and all who are searching for a greater understanding of themselves and their place within creation. Yoga found Ross in 2008 after he completed his collegiate studies of Philosophy and Religion. Since then, Ross continues to serve his students with the utmost compassion and joy. He loves passing along the traditions of Yoga and Meditations as they have been preserved through the millennia and he believes they are meant to heal the whole of humanity in time.


ChaordicLife itself is full of both chaos and order; I strive to find the balance between the two inevitable forces of nature in all that I do and pursue.
CatalyticA catalyst is introduced into a reaction to expedite the reaction while requiring less energy be expended for an optimal output; typically, a catalyst is recreated in the reaction process so that it may be used anew for the next reaction.
CuriousI am curious about all things to do with Life, that which is most precious to us as a Conscious Energetic Experience of Mind, Body, and Soul/Spirit.
CreatureI recognize my place on this planet, Earth, is that of a fellow creature of Nature; as a Human creature, I am neither above nor below any other creature or creation, merely provided the unique tools and faculties to explore and experience Life more fully.

I have spent my life studying, reading, researching, and learning everything I can. At this point, I consider my autodidactic education equivalent to a Masters degree in Yogic Studies.

I earned two bachelors degrees: BA Religious Studies, and BA Philosophy. I have many more years of study in the science, art, philosophy, and history of the World. I also studied Engineering early, which provided a significant understanding of Math, Science(s), and the physical universe. Combined with my expertise in yoga, all of these elements, along with my Christian spiritual upbringing, create a unique paradigm and perspective that I am called to share with the World.

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Service projects

The best way to find your-Self is to lose yourself in the service of others
- Mahatma Gandhi

RossC strives to serve everyone he encounters throughout this journey of LIFE. Whether it's just a simple friendly smile, words of encouragement, or engaging yoga instruction, his is a LIFE of service.

Schedule a MindMeld Yoga Consultation today! Join his growing Community of Consciousness. Help manifest positive and uplifting creations to bring about a future we can be proud of!

personal yoga

Curious about how to build a personal practice that will benefit you on and off the mat? Interested in learning more about living a LIFE full of meaning and purpose?

We will work together in creating a focused yoga practice that begins on your mat and grows off your mat; learn to apply what you experience on your mat to the rest of your life.

Are ready to take your yoga practice beyond the basics to hone your skills and confidently approach challenges to maintain lasting and personally meaningful practices? Don’t wait! Now is your chance to develop your pure potential. Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Schedule your practice around your life flow. Anytime is a good time to practice yoga. Upon making time for your practice each month, together, we will explore experiential yogic topics using poses, flows, breath-work, and meditation to gradually integrate yoga into your LIFE. You’ll be introduced to yogic philosophy using my exclusive YES! (Yoga Explained Simply) series which includes: AIRE on Alignment, Breathing for Humans, L.I.F.E. = Love Infused Freedom Experience, Prana Perspective, and Cultivating the Opposites...just to name a few.

You’ve got a Yoga Friend in me!

Schedule your FREE iCan.Yoga 30 minute MindMeld consultation on RossC.Yoga today. Blessings Yoga Friends…You CAN Yoga!


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For a limited time, all RossC.Yoga content will be available to ALL, for FREE.

Soon, more resources and projects will manifest into fruition. Be sure to check out MonkeyMind Multimedia to learn more about how you can support or contribute and join in the creative process.

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Help me heal the World by healing your-Self.
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In the meantime, join me on your mat at any of my YogaFriend locations around Indianapolis.



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