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What's Your Favorite Color?

Ross C

The infamous ice-breaker. So, what is it? What’s your favorite color?

My Favorite Color is Clear

Oh, the possibilities…they’re endless if you really think about it; explore your imagination. Realistically, our eyes only “see” 0.000018% of possible waves of light. The greater majority of possible states of light are invisible and within the clear space that contains all things.

I think that is why my favorite color has always been clear. Yes, clear. Most people argue that clear is not a color at all. Fair enough, you’re entitled to your experience and view. However, consider that if it weren’t for clear, we wouldn’t be able to see at all. For it is through the medium of clear-ness that we interact with the stuff of this world that we “see.”

A wheel is round and spins around an axel
Without a hole for an axel, the wheel is useless
A house is a box with doors, windows, and rooms
Without those, a house is just useless box
It’s what isn’t there that makes something useful

This is very apparent for someone like myself who wears glasses. We experience two different worlds simply because we rely on a clear medium to “clarify” our vision. Without our glasses we are “blind.” Interesting isn’t it? Imposed clarity upon my senses–or is it? Which version of seeing is more correct?

I love taking off my glasses! Somehow the world seems to make more sense as chaordic fuzzy goo stuff. Even if you don’t use glasses, you can simply press on you eye gently to move the world around a bit or nudge it softly out of focus. Yet somehow without this amazing “seeing” we are merely “blind.” How did we see before we understood such things as glasses and 20/20 vision? Are we de-evolving somehow or simply misunderstanding what seeing means?

It is a little known fact that our eyes learn to see upright, and really, it isn’t the eyes that see, its our optic nerve and occipital lobe plus all kinds of stored experiences, memories, impressions, and opinions. If we believe what we see is real, that’s exactly what we see…at least until we find out otherwise upon further investigation. So, its really our Minds that see, not our eyes. Our eyes are really limited in their “seeing” capacity.

The Mind, if trained wisely,
stores the potential to unlock Infinity
when guided by the Heart.

Clear…I remember the exact day I produced this answer to the question. It was the first day of school, first grade. At the time I did not wear glasses or know anything about seeing other than what I saw and experienced. The world is pretty cool to a first grader, everything is interesting and awesome! The point is though, I understood clear and was already showing signs of being a little philosophical rascal (sorry, not sorry). I remember only that clarity seemed most real, most important, and most impartial and original.

One of my most favorite topics for pondering is the origins of Life, It-Self. Always has been, always will be until my final Breath. Life is not what we see. Life is found in silent, still, moving, invisible, emptiness. In other words, Life is Clear.

Clear seems pretty intuitive if you think about it. We all like clear things. For example: water, diamonds, windows, glasses; let’s go a bit deeper: Mind, thoughts, Body, Energy, Spirit, Soul, Heart…Self.

The Heart is like a pond
The Self is like a lotus
The Self lotus grows in the Heart pond
When the Heart pond is clear of muck
the Self lotus can grow
When the Heart pond is still and full of Peace
the Self lotus blossoms
The Heart pond, clear and still
True beauty explodes from Peaceful Clarity

Maybe not too many people will find themselves thinking this much about a simple thing like the color clear. I think that is what is so awesome about being Human though. Even though there may be absolutely no point in thinking about something, it can lead you down a path of discovery and insight. The simple fact that I CAN think about such an abstract thing is beautiful. Regardless of whether a solution arises matters not. Take an Mind adventure into the unknown, improbably impossible, and you never know what you’ll unlock.

If you would, take a moment to think, clear…

I can only imagine that your mind is a whirlwind of possibilities, mixing, mingling, and organizing into thoughts, memories, experiences, impressions, and emotions. All valid, all true, all amazing! There is not right answer nor wrong answer. Just thinking of the word clear can lead us on a wild adventure into our-Selves. Anytime we have the opportunity to explore what we really believe, know and think, we open new doors to the depths of our very Being.

“What’s your favorite color?” is one of those questions people ask each other to get to know one another somehow. Now you know a little bit more about me than you may have wanted to know. In the process we also learn and define more about our-Self. So, ask again, but ask your-Self. Usually this question leads to a whole exploration into the question of questions…WHY?

Seek clarity with me. Look through the obvious. Continue exploring the unending possibilities that lie beneath the surface, behind the scenes, and within/without ALL things!


Peace ॐ

Ross C
RossC = Chaordic Catalytic Curious Creature


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