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YES! Yoga Explained Simply

YES! Yoga Explained Simply

Online Yoga Experiences

YES!, Yoga Explained Simply, you will introduce you to everything a curious student needs to know to develop an informed and educated yoga practice. Whether you are just beginning your practice or are a seasoned student, YES! will add depth, breadth, direction, and purpose to your yoga practice.

YES! is a great way to continue your yoga education and journey. Refresh a stale mindset. Find new views to the same scenes. Engage your mind and voice here.

---------- has been around for thousands of years and it continues to grow in popularity among the masses. However, as a yoga instructor, it is increasingly difficult to watch all the misinformation that floods the online marketplace about yoga. I suppose the saying, “see a need, fill a need,” applies here.

For years, I have considered creating materials and resources that help explain the vast science and philosophies of yoga in an understandable, enjoyable, and slightly humorous way. The time has come and I can stand it no longer. It is time to share helpful insights, thought-provoking ideas, and informed content that is understandable and approachable for any student to broaden their yoga paradigm.

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Through your support as a Patron of MonkeyMind Multimedia, RossC can continue to create better and more yoga resources.

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