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flexible Living

The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.  Confucius


Transform the potential energy of Consciousness into kinetic actions of Consciously Compassionate Catalytic Community.

Use languages that we can all, science, math, music, art, philosophy, logic, reason, ideas, intelligence, intuition, inspiration, insight, instinct, and Experience.

Conscious Evolution of Humanity.

bend Blog

Local, Love Global

Your Body, Your Mind, and Your Self

bend by finding strength in softness, power in weakness, Wisdom in Innocence.

All throughout recorded history, Humans have struggled with our identity as simply Humans living on the planet Earth. Teachers, Saints, Divine Incarnations, and Prophets have come throughout history attempting to show us the Way. It is the path of Compassion, Forgiveness, Humbleness, and Grace.

To bend is to give, to flex, to seek a peaceful and non-harmful response to the Winds of Change. Change is the ONLY constant. We must adapt to Change and evolve past a rigid and stiff Mind, Body, and Heart.

Get bent! :) Whether you bend your Body, Mind, or Self...just be more flexible, more receptive, in the Flow of Life. bend exists to explore the possibilities beyond what we currently know and do. bend is for the seekers of Truth, the child-like wonderers, the --in short, ANY HUMAN who is searching for Wisdom!

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