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Clearing the AIRE on Alignment

Ross C

Yoga posture alignment…its a thing. Whether practicing or teaching, alignment is a key focal point for all yoga postures. Is there such a thing as perfect alignment? Students of the Iyengar method would argue yes. But what about the absolute beginner? Are we to force our bodies into perfect alignment and risk injury and disappointment? Well, here’s four key points of focus to consider to reach Your "perfect" alignment.

AIRE on Alignment

  • A = Anatomical alignment
  • I = Ideal alignment
  • R = Realistic alignment
  • E = Energetic alignment

Through my own experiences of practicing and teaching yoga, I have arrived at this simple method to approaching good alignment. Good alignment is found within the unique combination of Anatomical, Ideal, Realistic, and Energetic alignments. Neither can take a precedence over the other…ALL are vital. If we sacrifice even one, we open the door to distractions and the lie of failure. After all, we are not merely seeking good physical alignment. The ultimate goal of every yoga practice goes beyond the Body and Mind. We seek to re-align ourselves--Body, Mind, and Self--to what IS, in each immeasurable moment. We must relax and find the happy bear attitude for our-Selves.

Ross C
RossC = Chaordic Catalytic Curious Creature


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